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  沧州明洁药yong包装有限公司是生产药yong玻璃瓶,药yong塑料瓶,口服液瓶,bao健品塑料瓶,棕色药瓶,广口瓶,精油瓶,化妆品瓶,抗sheng素瓶,螺纹口瓶,广口瓶,吸塑内托,铝盖,扭断式防盗铝盖,铝塑组合盖,丁基胶塞,硅胶塞,小型定量灌装机,电动锁盖机。技术力量雄厚,工艺设备先进,检测系统完备,生产经验丰富。近年来,在“开拓、拼搏、进取”的明洁精神激励下,全公司干部职工艰苦创业,使我公司药yong玻璃瓶年产量超过6亿支,居同类产品前列。吸塑内托年产量超过10亿个。公司获得多项荣誉:于2009年获得国家医药管理局《药包材容器生产企业许可证》,2010年获《沧州市文明企业》称号,2009年-2010年获泊头市银行“AAA”企业称号,近几年来一直获泊头市颁发的《重合同守信誉单位》称号,泊头市国税局评为《纳税先进单位》称号,被轻工厅,市评为《先进单位》,《明星企业》称号;并在2009年至今陆续通过了药yong玻璃包装瓶及PVC塑托的生产注册证的申请换证的认证工作。gao效率的生产,先进的生产工艺,强大的供货能力,优良的质量保证,完善的售后服务,使我公司成为您可信赖的合作伙伴。我公司真诚希望与您携手并进,共创辉煌。 Cangzhou Mingjie Pharmaceutical Packaging Co., Ltd. is a modern corporation. We own the greatest production scale, the most product series and the highest quality in domestic medicine industry. We follow GMP standards. We are a membership unit of Chinese Pharmaceutical Packing Association.

  Our main products are 1ml-80ml glass tube bottle for medicine, oral liquid bottle, tube vial for antibiotic, fungus bottle, screw thread bottle, character-printing bottle, aluminum cap, aluminum-plastic cap, dilacerate completed aluminum cap, plastic product for medicine, electron plastic product, and food plastic product. Our company is fitted with powerful technical force, advanced technological equipment, complete detection system and rich factory practices.

  In recent years, encouraged by the spirit of "being pioneering, fighting and enterprising", due to the intensive and pioneering efforts of staff, our annual output of oral liquid bottle and antibiotic bottle has exceeded 600 million, in the front ranks of the same kind of products. The annual output of injection plastic packaging tray for medicine and oral liquid and plastic tray have exceeded 1 billion, in the first place in China.

  Our company has won a lot of awards: in 2009awarded "Medicine Packing and Container Production Corporation Licenses" by State Pharmaceutical Administrative, in 2010 awarded "Cangzhou Civilized Enterprise", during 2009-2010awarded "AAA Enterprise" by Botou City Bank, these years awarded "Contract-first, trust worthiness unit" by Botou Municipality, awarded "Excellent Enterprises for Tax Payment" by Botou Tax Bureau, and awarded "Advanced unit" and "Star Enterprise" by Light Industry Bureau and Municipality. In addition, since 2009 till now, we have passed the authentication of applying for changing production registration certificates of various medical glass packing bottles and PVC plastic supporters in succession.

  We can be your reliable partners with efficient production, advanced production process, extensive supply capacit